Saturday, January 14, 2006

How my 1st performance went

Sorry it took a couple of days to update you all on how the 1st performance went, but here it is!

First off, the place is very nice, I'd have to say there were about 20 or so people there. It's a small place and it has a nice feel to it. I was performing along with 5 other artists. When I was introduced, the MC didn't know if I was a guy or a girl. He said "And next, coming up to the stage, he or she resides from West New York.." and I yell out "HEEEE!" so he says "Oh, he, he resides in West New York, give it up for BB".

I go up to a couple of claps and I'm told to talk to the audience. I've never done that before so I said whatever came to mind " name is BB...I'm a guy last time I checked..." then some guy from the bar yells "Put some bass in your voice!" and I say "Put some bass in my voice? Dude, I'm a singer, I don't need bass in my voice" Then the DJ asks if I'm done to put the CD on and I said yea.

After my performance I think everyone clapped for me (I wasn't sure, I wanted to get off stage cause I had a hot plate of nachos waiting for me at my table) and a woman by my table asked me who helped me with the backup music. I proceded to tap on my head and I told her it was all from there. She was very surprised and said that I have a gift and that it sounded very very good.

I then sat back and enjoyed the rest of the evening. The DJ came to me later on in the night and told me that the song was very good, but I just needed to work on my stage presence. I told him that it was the first time I performed in about 8 years and he said Daaaamn, that's a long as time.

Then, towards the end of the night, I was on my way out and the man who was in charge of the show said "You leaving BB? You want to come back next week and perform again?" I said "Hell yea I do". Then the next day I wrote to him thanking him for the opportunity to perform and I received this email response:

We would like to thank you for performing and attending our Wednesday showcase. We and all of our patrons enjoyed your performance and would love to have you and your guest back for Wednesday January 18th.

Sooo... BB is going back to 88 Keys next week. Hope ya'll can make it.


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