Tuesday, May 02, 2006

First Day at Naturex

Today was my first day at my brand-new job and it was grrrrrreat! I was kept busy all day and I loved it. I installed a PC, a local printer, and I also installed a couple of PCs to the network....and I did it from the ground up! I actually cut wires, unwinded them, put them in a jack, connect the PC, then go to the HUB area, patch the network cable, a voila! It was really exciting and I learned alot today. Tomorrow I will be setting up my office voicemail, company email, username/password, and I will receive a blackberry that I'll play around with. This job = awesome!



babylinda said...

awww thats because BB=AWSOME:D I knew you would write a blog today! Im so happy you are enjoying yourself:) muahhh have a even greater day tommorow:)

babylinda said...

How bout a new blog? First pay day ar naturex?:D