Wednesday, June 15, 2005

2 week notice? My ayas!

I very rarely get pensive, I am naturally goofy and silly. But that doesn't mean that I can't have serious thoughts or discussions. When I do get serious, it really is a sight to see because I really get focused on what the discussion is. I get in a weird zone.

Anyways, I was having another one of my pensive moods earlier today and I was just wondering why is it right that my job basically told me I was let the at the end of the day without any forwarning? Why is it customery for jobs to require a two week notice if you are going to quit, but yet some jobs can do this and just tell you straight up "We have to let you go"... and it's not like I didn't do my job, I did my job very well. It had to do with my health issues, I was let go because I didn't follow their "call out procedures". They wanted me to call like 4 people's personal cell phone numbers at 6am in order to call out for one day. I wasnt aware of the procedures. I am, just like everyone else, used to calling a manager/boss figure and leaving them either a voicemail or letting them know that I will be out, not calling 4 people's personal cell phones in order to call out for one stupid day.


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