Thursday, August 04, 2005


I was having one of my pensive moments right now and I was just wondering why people are so judgmental over their hobbies. Like let's say that your way into cars. You spend all of your money on your car and many a woman idolize you for it. Or let's say your a DJ. You get gigs and shit like that and you have alot of fans that enjoy your work. Now...why is it no one puts the same idolization if you enjoy doing something...well...let's say like working with computers. I get labeled as a geek because I like getting into the inside of PCs and seeing what makes them tick and how to make them better. The same thrill some racer feels getting a new part for his toy is the same thrill i feel getting a new part for my toy. Why is it though that I get labeled a geek and he doesn't? Just because of the subject matter?

I wouldn't label myself as a geek. A true geek has intellect on his side, and if you know me well you know that intellect sometimes escapes me. Geeks are awkward all the time, smell like cheese, wear their pants too high, can make candles out of their earwax, all in all, geeks are a disgusting specimen. I would say i'm a new brand of geek. I actually do care about my appearance, I'm funny, caring, and I get along with the majority of people I meet

I believe that if you have passion for something then go with it. Doesn't matter the subject, as long as you act like it's christmas morning whenever someone talks about something you love to do.

Well...that's all I have to say for now... back to you fuckers...

P.S. I like video games too *snort*

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