Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gallaudet university

I am sitting her in my car waiting for the woman to finish with her hair and I was just recalling my experience st gallaudet university this past weekend in Washington D.C. It was an interesting experience. For those of you who don't know about the school, it is a school for the deaf. It was interesting to see everyone signing to each other full conversations. For once, I felt like the outcast in their world. There were some who obviously read lips, and some who did not, like this young woman who worked at the hotel cafe. I went to tell her what I had ordered so she could ring it up, but she motioned for me to write out what I had.

They also had a channel dedicated to stuff that was going on in the college, and the entire thing was done in sign. The anchors signed, the interviewers signed, the basketball coach signed, even the comedic entertainment in between segments signed (which wasn't very funny to me, but I guess you have to be deaf in order to understand it) and they also showed something that blew my mind. Deaf kids at a dorm party dancing! And they were on beat and also knew what types of music was playing and how to dance to it!

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