Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Beginning

Well, just to update you all, I went on an audition today to become a back-up singer of a famous recording artist. I personally never heard of him before, but he's been in the business for a very long time. His name is Kenneth Banks. His style is basically old funk (if you hear the song "Jungle Boogy", he is the deep voice in the beginning of that) So he is coming out with another CD very soon and he is going to be going on performances and I might be going on the road with him as a backup singer. That is pretty big cause if any of you know me, I have never done anything big like this. I would just sit back, put together melodies and words, and just goof off. So for someone in the business to tell me that he likes me and believes I can become an asset to his company is a big deal. He also told us that basically we (I and the other backup singers) have a home with his company. He will help us along the way and he will also help us record our own albums and release them.

So yea, I'm pretty happy that I got the job, next weekend I am going to the studio to lay down some background tracks for him, and I'm getting paid $50 buckaroos! Woohoo!

I'll keep you all informed on what happens next. Thank you all for your support and your well wishes.

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