Sunday, October 30, 2005


Thursday night I got to catch Wicked, the musical about the life of the wicked witch of the west (from Wizard of Oz fame) It was a! I loved every minute of it. Whoever came up with this play has a great imagination cause it really changes the way I will forever view The Wizard of Oz. The music is addictive (I'm listening to the soundtrack right now to relive the moment), the story is top notch, acting was superb, and to make things better, I went in order to celebrate my brother's 25th birthday, and I surprised him with an upgrade of his tickets. Going from the Rear Mezz to Orchestra seating (he was pleasantly surprised and really did appreciate it)

Well, like I said, if you haven't caught this play, I really really really really really recommend it if you are into musicals, plays, or just anything fun cause this truly was an eye opener for me and I will be catching this play from time to time in my lifetime.


P.S. If you have seen this, please share your thoughts with me about this play as I would like to know how you all enjoyed it.

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