Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Busy busy busy

I've been super busy with work. It's worth it though because I know I am working my ass off for now in order to finance my music. I tried to look for investors in the past, but I didn't find anyone. So, like my mother always taught me, you can't rely on anyone but yourself. So now I'm working my ass off. I get paid pretty well, but man do I have 9-5s. I just don't like how you basically are a slave to a company for days, months, years of your life. And for buy a house? Car? New toaster? Life should not be like this. We only have a limited time on this planet, were we really meant to be in an office setting, copying, filing, faxing? It really is sad how lost the world has become. All of that time spent in school and college to hopefully get a good job. And what if you get that job and realize that this isn't the life you wanted? All of that sacrificing and nights of staying up late to get just one more chapter in before you collapse from exhaustion.

So basically now I'm more determined to continue my music career. I cannot live like this. I can't wake up at 7:00am, come home at 6, and feel good about myself. I want to live life to it's fullest. The way we were meant to live. And cubicles aren't involved...



babylinda said...

What can I say you know I agree with you whole heartdley. I hate the fact that I working friggin 6 days a week I never thought that would be a necessity for me to hold a job. I have no life now it seems and it makes me very sad . As I have said what is worth money of you have no time to enjoy it or life even rest even. Life has been so hectic I just want and need to relax! It so so hard . I think Americans are brainwashed and programmed to think that working 9-5 for the rest of your life is normal and even worse I work 11-7 and 10-3 on sat I have no time for myself or orthers and when I do have a lil time I am to exausted to do anything:(
You are wrong about one thing though you know you got me and my help yo dont have to face the world yourself I know with most people that is true.* Starts dialing mystere:P and ignoring bb's im lol!

babylinda said...

I was just thinking in our case working aint so bad you are working hard to be a musician and I know you have no doubt that you will not love doing so , so you are working hard now and you will be happy in the end . Then I can quit this job and be preggers and have lil bb's running around everywhere in our house in japan:D and in our miami condo and our galaxy apt:0)