Monday, June 26, 2006

Fun Filled Birthday Weekend!

Well, it's Monday and the office is a little slow, so I decided to give a re-cap on my birthday weekend.

Friday afternoon I picked Jen up and she gave me the rest of my gifts. A bag full of my favorite candies, a device that connects via USB to keep your drinks cool, and also a device that is called "TV-B-Gone!". It has over 1000 tv brands programmed into it. When you press the button, it begins to go through it's cataloge to force the TV to turn off. I used it in a couple places and I got mixed results. Some TVs turned off, some didn't, but it's still fun to use!

Jen and I went to a cuban restaurant in the faggiest part of NYC, Chelsea. I mean, they even had banners outside of the windows, but that could have been due to the gay pride parade that was going on during the weekend. We both had Churassco, and it was really good. The meat was very tender and suculant, and the sauce was really good too. Then we had a tres leches cake, which wasn't that good, but I got a memorable birthday presentation from the waiter. He came up with the cake, lit the candle, and said a simple "Happy Birthday". I looked up at him and said "Thank you" and continued to look at him, expecting a song or a cuban style happy birthday wish..... I got nothing... he smiled and walked away, while I sat there like a lump. Sooo, I blew out my candle, we had the cake, and then we headed uptown for my next "surprise"

We got to about 45th St. and 8th Ave. and Jen told me it was there, but there was a line to get in. So, to keep the surprise a surprise, I decided to go to a website and read some news articles on my blackberry so I wouldn't hear anyone talking about the show around me. As soon as I got in, the usher pointed me towards our seats and my brother Juan and his girlfriend Melissa were there waiting for us. What a surprise that was that they were there too. The show Jen took me to see was Avenue Q, and I liked it. It had the infamous "The Internet Is For Porn" song in it, which I had no idea was from the show. It was funny, but very dirty at some parts (let's just say I got to see what puppets having sex looked like)

Saturday was busy too. At around 12pm, I went to my dad's house to have a birthday lunch with him and my brothers. So I had a hotdog and a little nibble of some ribs my father made (which were awesome), then I left at 5 for my next "surprise".

I parked near blvd. east to take a bus into NYC, and I see my friend Oscar standing there at the bus stop. At first I thought it was a coincidence that he was there to go into the city too, but then I found out later he was going to my party at Dave & Busters. We got there and Karla was sitting at a table waiting for us. So we all talked, and played a couple of games. Then the rest of my friends showed up, Felipe, Yamaris, Omar, Lui, even Nardeen came! And then there was a huge surprise appearance by Danny, Karola, and Alyssa! I haven't seen Danny and Karola since they originally left to Florida, so I was happy to see them again. And Alyssa is a baby that's not related to me that I actually like! She is really playful and funny! I also made her smile a couple of times and I even had the honor of being drooled on by her... but I really didn't mind, I mean, she's a baby! Drool is 2nd nature to babies!

Then Sunday came and we all went bowling in Hackensack. I did pretty well in the first game, but then iiii suuuuucked the 2nd game.. lol. After that, we headed to Pizzaria Uno cause Danny was craving it since the closest Uno is 3 hrs away for him in Orlando. I had a side salad and a coke since I wasn't that hungry since before bowling Jen and I had some General Tso's from a local chinese joint.

So yea, a very fun weekend with all my friends. Thanks to everyone who shared my birthday weekend (well, Fri-Sat, Sun was just a regular chill day). Also, thanks to Jenny for my great gifts and my surprises. But I think next year, I'll ask her to just tell me what we're doing since Jen is reeeally bad with directions.


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