Saturday, July 01, 2006

Panic! At The Disco - June 30th - Sayerville

Wow...what a show... it started with a band I never heard of called "The Hush Sound", but I liked what I heard and I will pick up their album very soon. The drummer Darren was also a sight to see. He had so much energy and had alot of facial expressions that added to his energy. Great band.

Then, came out these two unknowns that I really didn't like at all. They started off with an alternative version of "Oops I did it again!" that was more stupid than cool. And then they had a 10 minute song that was just keyboard and drums where the girl performer (who was on keyboards) was making dumb faces while the drummer just beat away at the drums.

But then, Panic! At The Disco came out and it was a great show! I know the majority of the songs (it's been a while since I knew the bands entire catalog, so it was nice to feel like a young kid again, studying all the lyrics of my favorite band) The band had great energy, great presence, great use of lights (there were some times where there was one center light on the stage pointing towards the band where it would look like it was a 1920's performance, very unique!)

So if anyone is looking for a great band to follow, I highly suggest Panic! At The Disco. They are a refreshing, unique band that have great songs and just a great sound in general!


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babylinda said...

Awww I am happy I brought the lil kid back in you. I must be honest there never has been one band or singer I have known that the whole cd rocks! and they put such a show a show in the show with all the extra characters! It was very entertaining to watch and hear:) worth the back and foot pain:)