Wednesday, July 26, 2006

John Mayer Interview - Opie & Anthony Show

I was listening to the Opie & Anthony show today and John Mayer was on and he is a really cool guy. He really influences me as an artist even more so now because he is always himself no matter what (he even said a couple of dirty things which made him seem more like a regular person). I really hope this whole music thing takes off, I would love to work with him one day. I mean, we both have similar likes and dislikes from what I heard in the interview.

BTW: My music is on hold due to financial reasons. It's hard to finish the project when I am paying for the majority of my recording studio time all by myself since no one wants to help fund my project (and even though I'm cool with my producers, I learn that people are out for the almighty dollar, but that's a different story for a different day) Hopefully I can get a job soon so I can finish the rest of my album. It sucks though because if I get a job, it'll be hard to pursue my music (i.e. doing shows). It really is a double-edged sword.

Oh well, I promise that once my album is released, I will do my best to do as many shows as I possibly can.

Till next time..


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