Friday, March 07, 2008

My Mom & Me

I didn't want to go to bed right away tonight, so I decided to fool around with Photoshop a bit. I learned a popular neat little trick that makes a particular part of a picture pop out. It's actually not too hard to do and I'm enjoying what I'm able to do with it. The thing was, I needed a good photo that looked artsy in B&W for it to really work.

I looked through iPhoto to see if I could find something, and I saw all the pictures from my older brother's wedding in October. And that's how I came to this picture of my mother and I. So, I decided to photoshop it up. Check out the finished product above.

Oh yea, I decided to send my mom this picture as well. It's rare that I'm this thoughtful, so I thought I'd put it to full use. Love you ma.


Jennifer said...

Yea I think my loving and thoughtful nature is rubbing off on you ;) she looked so beautiful and young that day! :)

Anonymous said...

can't believe after 13 yrs of being friends that i never met ur momma! thats crazy dan! but she is beautiful...def. looks like the type of mom u want to cuddle with when ur sicky and u want her to sing u a song for comfort!

christine said... i figured out how to post my name on ur comment thingy... hope u know that it was ur bestest bud ever who wrote the comment above this one!