Monday, April 03, 2006

Atlantic City : The Re-cap

Man, Saturday was soooo much fun! We left at about 12pm or so because Joel had to do some work in the morning, but the trip to there went by so quick. On the way down, I decided to show Joel and Nelly my new song since they always enjoy my new songs, and they did enjoy this new one as well. Joel was a little confused because I said it was supposed to be reggaeton, but his definition of reggaeton was spanish singing with rapping. I told him that it was my twist of reggaeton, that my producer calls it "Pop Reggaeton".

When we got to AC, we went directly to Ceasar's Palace and proceded to the roulette table (which was good since I'm often lucky there) My first bet of the day was on the 2nd set of 12, which is a 3-1 odds. I put down $15 and I won! Then I did some more gambling, but I don't recall blow by blow what happened. Let's just say that I came out even at the end of the night.

Then, when we were finished with Cesar's, we went to the Borgata and gambled a little more, and then had the infamous Borgata buffet. Everything was really really good, I mean, I was eating steak, general tso's chicken, and pizza! When else in one's life would you ever eat that combination except for at a buffet. And the thing is, that the food was really really good. But it did come at a cost.. $27.95. But man, it was well worth it. EVEN THE DESERTS WERE GOOD! was time for the main watch Brian Regan perform...and he was well worth the trip! He was HILARIOUS! And I know a thing or two about comedy, and he was just flowing with his set so naturally. And even when a couple of people yelled out, he had a great response to them. If anyone ever has a chance to watch Brian Regan perform, please go see him. He is still a very humble guy after so many performances, he is a down to earth guy with a wife and 2 kids, and the best thing about his set is that it's completely clean. He is funny without the need to curse. Only a handful of comics can pull that off.

And that was the end of my mini-vacation to AC. It really was fun!


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babylinda said...

MAN I wish I could have come I dont knwo whether for the food or the comedy they both sounded really good! hee hee how did u eat so much and still look so good:P