Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bad Boy Entertainment Party

The party went pretty well for the most part. I had all of my business cards ready, and I distributed them at the bar. I then hung out for a while and danced with Jen. Donte came at around 12am and started doing his own thing. The highlight of the evening happened when Jen went to put some more cards on the bar for me and a DJ asked her what she was putting down. She gave him a brief description of me and the DJ was interested in meeting me. Jen then got me and I began to describe my unique music style to the DJ. I gave him my CD (as well as his manager) and told him that the first song is what my producer likes to call a "Pop Reggaeton" song that I recorded, the next one was a darker song with a great melody and alot of meaning behind it. And the last was an acoustic song similar to John Mayer's style. He then told me that he will try them out at his club and to call him to find out how it went.

So tomorrow I plan on calling him sometime in the afternoon to find out how the crowd enjoyed my music.

That was basically it...


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babylinda said...

Well dude what you waiting for call him! :D