Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good Deed!

I had to go out today to run some errands and my last stop was CVS. I noticed that there was a homeless guy outside of it asking for people for change. I also noticed that everyone was ignoring him, and at first I ignored him too. I got out of CVS and headed towards my car, and my gut told me to help him, and I ignored it at first, but I'm always ignoring that feeling and then I regret that I didn't do it later. So I turned around and headed towards him.

BB: How's it going, you hungry man?

Homeless Guy: Yea man, I'm always hungry!

BB: I was going to go to BK, you want me to get you something?

Homeless Guy: Yea man

BB: What do you want?

Homeless Guy: Whatever you can get me

BB: Alright, I'll get you whatever then

Homeless Guy: Alright...hold up... uh, how about a croissant sandwich with ham...

BB: Alright

Homeless Guy: ...and some orange juice...

BB: Ok, I'll get you the whole combo man

Homeless Guy: Alright

... so I buy it, and seperate everything so I can give it to him and head back towards him...

BB: Here you go man, god bless

Homeless Guy: Thanks, thanks alot *started opening everything immediatly*

...and that was my good deed for the day. I am not writing this on my blog to bloat or anything, I just want to be able to read this sometime later and see that I made someone's day a little bit better with my simple gesture.


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babylinda said...

I think you just copy and pasted this story to me. muahhh you are going to be such a sweet and humble singer. I love you you , you have such a very good heart! well thats all folks. It has been a while I commented on here :P hee hee your best good deed is though for me though is being there for me through all ive been through I will never forget all you have done for me ever ever:)mi angelito muahhhhhhhh