Sunday, April 09, 2006

BB's big night

Tonight is what it's all about...if you recall in my previous post, I told you that I met this DJ, his name is David Diamante. I called him right now and I asked him if he was able to hear any of my songs, he told me that last night he was DJing and the club was just going crazy, so he wasn't able to get it to play, BUT, he said that he will listen to my music today and he will let me know what he honestly thinks of it, and also, he is going to play my song tonight at the club to see what the people think of it. He is going to call me tomorrow to let me know what he thought and also how the people reacted to my music.

It's funny cause tonight is huge for me, but I can't be there to witness what the people think of my music. I would love to be there to see everyone's reaction, but I guess this is what it's like to be a real musician, to have your music play somewhere and you pretty much don't know when and where it's played. I feel a little weird, I feel like a parent in some way. "Escuchame" is a song that I worked my ass off to do (along with my producer) and now it's going out there, into the real world, to either be accepted or denied.

...let's all hope it gets accepted...


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babylinda said...

awww Escuchame is your baby huh! hee hee your so cute! Dont worry I know everyone will love it. I mean so far you have a pretty wide fan base 15yr olds-50 yr old ! It a song everyone can enjoy and love:) I cant wait to hear what The dj says:)