Thursday, February 23, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

These next couple of days I'm going to be busy as hell. It's about time too. Tomorrow morning I have an interview for a part-time help desk position in the city. Then I am going with Jen for her interview doing some hippie stuff that has to do with saving the planet. Then in the afternoon we're getting picked up to go to Long Island so Jen can audition to be in a group. Then at night, I'm going with my brothers to watch a Nets vs. Knicks game... in a suite! Then sabado I am planning to get my new sidekick II turned on. Sunday I'm going to pass by my dad's house to drop off my gift for his new baby. Then the whoooole next week I am working in Iselin, NJ to deploy laptops for my temp agency. THEN, we'll see if I get the job with the part-time help desk position and hopefully I'll be working from time to time in the city. I miss doing help desk stuff.

I also just talked to my producer and it seems that our calendars are clashing a little bit and we can't record my music this weekend. It's a good thing and a bad thing since I could focus more on saving money to help pay some bills and stuff.

*whew* I sure am busy....


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Anonymous said...

yuppers you sure are a busy bee! Oh how I love your stinger! lol Anyway yea so far eveything is looking good so us being busy thus far was good pertaining to the help desk job you will most likely get and my audition yay! Thank you so much for being there for me . I would have bombed without you there and your help:) I get sooo nervous :P thank you again and I love you ! Hope you enjoyed the game I aint bitter @ all Im happy for you! might sleepy though! come home!!!!!!!! LOL ANYWAYS had alot of fun hoy and Il see if I can massage ya a lil later cus I sure is bushed :)P