Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well... will be the day I become a "reggaeton" artist for a little while. I am going to brookly today to record one of my songs. I will see what my producer suggest what I should do with my song (meaning if I should upload it on my myspace music page).. you all know that I would love to show each and everyone of my friends the fruit of my hard work, but I have to think in a business set of mind and not in the eager little kid wanting to show off a painting he made.

So I will inform you all soon what I will plan on doing with my song..


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Anonymous said...

Good luck sweety I wish I can be there but I will be there in heart! :) I love you so very much and just becaus eu dont have snazzy outfits like this cat! you have so much potential you dont need all that to be great. You are still very unique handsome and original! Muah I cant wait to hear it my love!