Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm amazed... what I was capable of today. I really have outdone myself with this current project. I mean, there is no way that I can define what I wrote and what everything sounds like so far. And it's not over yet, my producer is going to work on the background music and he told me that he is going to "bless" the song. I seriously cannot believe what is transpiring, I mean, we are both SICK in what we do. And the music that we both will make will really be crazy.

Also, on a side note, I got a sidekick II off ebay the other day and so far I'm liking it. It's a little bigger than normal phones, but that's ok because of all the data I can transfer from it. I love getting my emails while I'm out and being able to keep track of my calendar, photos, address book, all that good stuff in one device. I read on the net that the Sidekick 3 is coming out in April or so. I think if I have enough loot from either my new part-time job or from my music, I'll def. pick that bad boy up. It's really amazing.

Well, that's enough of my rambling..thanks for reading.


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Anonymous said...

Yayyy! Im so happy that you are happy and we are happy and your life is falling into place. and hes going to bless the song how ? Put a lil holy water on it or algo. Well I wish you the best and can not wait to hear it love ya!